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Thank you for that amazing bag

Wanted to say thank you for the amazig bag you made for my little king. He loves it, I love it and beside the lovely and perfect design it's really practically. I can take my lil Chiquaqua now with me with ease whilst shopping, in restaurants etc.

Perfect work! eed to order a different color very soon.

Lindsey Floss, CA 

So Georgeous

Got one of your 3in1 bags as a present and I'm totally impressed about your idea: a doggy-bag, shoppong-bag and doggy-blanket all in one! Fits me perfect

Aimee Choi Siu Mei, Hong Kong

Nicht nur schön, auch praktisch

Liebe BE, möchte mich nochmal für Ihre creative Idee und die perfekte Umsetzung meiner Hundedecke bedanken. Kann Ihre Produte uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen.

Nicole Ochsenbein, Zürich/Las Palmas

Many thanks

Miss BE, we want to say thank you for the three bags you made for me, they are a perfect combination to my cars and all of my friends are envying me for that. I already recommended you to them and gave your homepage-adress.

Ludmila Nikolajewna, Moscow/Zurich

Wir haben unser Sofa zurückerobert

Seit wir die wunderschönen Hunde-Betten von BE haben, können wir unser Sofa wieder selbst benutzen. Und was mich am meisten beeindruckt: es ist das erste Hundbett, dass unsere "Kämpfer" auch nach einem Jahr nicht zerstören konnten.

Natalie Kappel, Maspalomas

guaranteed quality

high quality materials and careful manufacturing guarantee long-lasting quality of our works.

in seldom cases where an error may occur, we guarantee short-term free repair or replacement free of charge for a period of five years.

creative ideas

southern light in the midst of the atlantic ocean, the endless wideness of the sea and the constant breeze of the trade winds, combined with a lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, give creativity the space it needs, to originate extraordinary creations.

worldwide shipping

we ship our creations worldwide. please note that delivery times may be longer. at your request, we also can deliver via express courier.

against reimbursement of costs we will send fabric samples in advance.

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